We are a team of 6 developers who created Star Stable Hack. We operate under the name of water-mobile. We create software for players who are supposed to help them with online games. Our primary goal is to make the game easier by providing the software and options it has. The tool we have created for Star Stable is available for free in unlimited quantities for this game. Star Coins, Jorvik Shillings and additionally Star Rider. The program is elementary to use and should not cause any problems. We made it so that even a teenage child can handle it. We were only concerned about the abuse of the Hack Tool by bots or people who do not respect the work of others.

In Star Stable Hack 2017 we have used the best methods of protecting ourselves against unwanted spam and artificial traffic. Which would have paralyzed our server with software? There are VPNs, and VPS scattered across the globe that are designed to discourage people who are about to block a page.

But the most important thing is that using the generator we can get more than the standard star stable codes that the game distributor offers. These are codes to use in the SS, but with a negligible value. Our program works great with Star Stable server security. Can change the player database and add Star Coins, Jorvik Shillings or superstar rider. The latter is recommended because it is the most important thing in this game. Thanks to it our character develops ten times faster than the others, and we gain the advantage over other players.

The more interesting is that star stable star coins we can add without limit. You ask and why is the limit in the generator? For a straightforward reason. We can not allow the Star Stable game admins to find out that we have the ability to interfere with their database. Each of these functions is limited in some way. With Star Stable Hack you can use it once a day and only if you go through the verification process, otherwise, your star coins or star rider request will be rejected.